Thank you for your interest in contacting me – I appreciate that more than you know!

Although I would love to speak with everyone personally…that’s not always possible due to the sheer volume of emails, phone calls, and requests I receive.

To ensure you receive the fastest response to your inquiry…here are the best ways to contact my team. Rest assured – they will provide you with the fastest response – much faster than I can!

If your inquiry is urgent, or of a personal nature, be sure to let my team know so they can provide you with the quick and efficient follow-up you expect (and deserve).

Oh, and don’t forget to “whitelist” email from MotivationalResources “and then a dot” com.  All too often you will find our email reply to you hiding in your spam folder.


Cathy Demers


For General Inquires:

Info “at” MotivationalResources “and then a dot” com

For Product and Technical Issues: Support  “at” MotivationalResources “and then a dot” com

To inquire about becoming an expert featured at the Business Success Cafe contact my Production Assistant: PA “at” MotivationalResources “and then a dot” com

Note: the email addresses above are deliberately modified to avoid spammers – not real people. If you are a real person replace “at” with @ and “dot” with a period. If you are a spambot…go away!


USA: 1-206-801-1726

Canada: 1-778-785-4058


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