Joint Ventures and Affiliate Relationships Rock!

The “secret” to my success (and to yours) is really not a secret at all…it’s  joint ventures and affiliate relationships! When building my first company, the one I took public while I was President and CEO, I learned first-hand that the path to fast business success was in teaming up with other successful businesses to create something much bigger than the “sum of our parts”.

Are you interested in partnering with me and my team? The easiest way to leverage the power of teaming up with me, is to become one of my valued affiliates. It’s easy to do…just Click Here!

Do you have a specific joint venture relationship in mind? I’m all ears! Just contact my team here, let us know how we might benefit each other and, if it looks like a good fit for you, for me, and for our peeps…let’s talk about it!

No business is an island…and joint ventures and affiliate relationships are the cornerstone of most highly successful businesses. Mine is no exception. 

Here’s a list of just some of the wonderful folks and organizations who have teamed up with me on projects, events or promotions (I’m over-the-moon with gratitude!):

Amy Pearson
Andrea Feinberg
Andrew McCauley
Angelique Rewers
Beth Grant
Bob Jenkins
Bonnie Broderer
Carrie Greene
Caterina Rando
Cathy Goodwin
Chaney Weiner
Chris Farrell
Chris Makell
Christy Whitman
Cindy Schulson
Connie Green
Crystal Thies
Dan Page
Dan Sherman
Daniel Hall
Daphne Bousquet
David Asarnow
David Perdew
David Steele
Debbie Bermont
Debbie Drum
Donna Kozik
Ernesto Verdugo
Gary Henson
Gary Ryan Blair
George Beshara
George Huang
Helen Raptopolis
Jack Zufelt
Janet Beckers
Janet Slack
Janis Pettit
Jeanna Gabelini
Jeanne Kolenda
Jeff Herring
Jennifer Wilkov
Jim Britt
Joe Nunziata
Joe Rubino
Jonathan Bender
Josh Turner
Joshua Zerkel
Justin Popovic
Karen Clark
Karon Thackston
Kathleen Aston
Kathleen Gage
Katrina Sawa
Ken Foster
Ken Krell
Kenneth Lord
Kevin Thompson
Kiva Leatherman
Kristen Eckstein
Laura Rubinstein
Lauren McMullin
Linda Puig
Lisa Cherney
Lou Bortone
Louise Crooks
Lynne Klippel
Marc Beneteau
Maria Simone
Marisa Murgatroyd
Marlene Chism
Melanie Yost
Michele Blood
Michele PW
Michele Scism
Mike Koenigs
Mitch Carson
Monica Shah
Muhammed Siddique
Mynders Glover
Nancy Juetten
Neil Godin
Nikkea Davida
Nile Nickel
Noah St. John
Pat Mussieux
Ray Edwards
Ray Hidgon
Regina Smola
Ric Thompson
Richard Andrews
Rick Frishman
Ronnie Nijmeh
Rosemary Gullo
Rosey Dow
Ryan Eliason
Ryan Harris
Sam England
Sam Haenni
Shannon Cherry
Sharon Wilson
Sheila Galligan
Sheree Diamond
Stacy Karacostas
Stephen Beck
Steve Olsher
Ted McGrath
Tina Forsyth
Tom Buford
Tom Pauley
Tracey Lawton
Venus Opal Reese
Wayne Sharer






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