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I LOVE my work…because I know that every small business owner who becomes more successful as a result of working with me…makes a fantastic contribution to their families, team members and customers…as well as to their community and the world. There is nothing more thrilling to me than to make a HUGE impact on the world…one successful business owner at a time!

Here’s just a few examples of what the hundreds of small business owners I have coached, mentored and taught over the past several years have to say about working with me:

The Perfect Fit…For Great Results!

OnielltechlogoListen to what Robert Haliburton Has To Say!…

In today’s fast paced business environment, like a lot of business owners, I found it hard to make time to focus on the important things for my business, the things that would contribute to the health and prosperity of my business.

As I don’t have a business partner, I needed to find someone to help me with this task. It occurred to me that a business coach might be the answer.

I recalled that I knew of someone, who did very well in business and was now doing coaching. Cathy Demers is someone I met over ten years ago through business. When I heard that she was doing business coaching I immediately knew she would be a perfect fit. I contacted Cathy and we started with regular coaching sessions. That was 2.5 years ago and we continue to work together.

I find my coaching sessions with Cathy are extremely helpful in helping me take the time and energy to focus on the different aspects on my business. We review and discuss what’s going on in the business, and we strategize on where the business is going, and what needs to change to get there…and how to implement those changes so I can see the results.

As a result of coaching with Cathy Demers, not only has my business improved, I’ve created a better team to help our business grow, I have a clearer vision and the confidence to achieve it. I’ve improved my business process, my leadership skills and I make faster and bette decisions.

I’ve recommend Cathy to other small business owners and if you have a chance to work with her I’d encourage you to give it some serious thought. It’s been very valuable for me and my company.
Robert Haliburton, President & CEO, O’Neill Technologies Inc.

From Stumbling Blocks to Stepping Stones…

gabrielle-lacelleWorking with Cathy gave me greater strength and wisdom to implement many changes in my business. Direct results include better team relationships, improved internal planning, and progressive business growth. Her guidance helped me through challenging situations and made them stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks. When I work with her, she brings me to the issues, helps identify the strengths and weaknesses and supports me in finding solutions.

One of the great gifts that Cathy Demers has is cutting to the quick on what needs addressing. She’s super smart, sensitive, and direct in speaking to what needs
attention. In each and every transaction with her, she’s helped me achieve greater insights in terms of the direction my business needed to go.

Moreover, she assists me to be proactive in addressing that which is cumbersome. She has wisdom about how organizations function, clarity on the power of establishing long term successful human relationships in the context of a business environment, and most of all cares deeply about the success of her client. She has integrity, insight and natural smarts on what needs to be done.

If you and your organization want to move forward and do so with caring and committed guidance, I would highly recommend Cathy Demers.
Dr. Gabrielle Lacelle, Clinic Director, Chiropractor, Coastal Health Arts

Proven Success…

caroline-schellekensI have had an opportunity to work with Cathy Demers for several years and she has an amazing ability to coach and mentor. Cathy has an extensive business background with proven success in all facets of business from large corporations to small business.
Caroline Schellekens, Senior Manager Channel Development, Rogers Communications

It’s Now a Totally Different Story…

janice-putaFive months into the year, I’m already balancing my budget and coming out ahead. A totally different story from the $20,000 deficit spending I had over the past two years.

I feel empowered and in control of my business and my life!

I’m very adept in energy work and spirituality, but not an expert at running the business end of my private practice. Cathy’s class on Magnetic Goals gave me several of the missing pieces, but her fantastic coaching put them together for me. With my regular appointments with Cathy, I can count on her expertise to help me clarify a plan of action that works for me. Her input is useful, practical, and highly motivating.

Cathy’s enthusiastic support, focused directives, and consistent tracking methods have me overachieving my revenue targets! It’s exciting to see where we’re going to be going in our next coaching session. I knew I needed to work with Cathy when I realized that she’s got so much more to offer than what her credentials can really tell you about her. She is all that and even more – she’s the best investment I’ve made in taking my business to a higher level of professionalism and profitability.
Janice M. Puta, Chief Inspirational Owner of Our Spiral Journey, LLC Services in Healing and Wholeness

My revenue has already far exceeded my expectations. I recommend her without reservation….

Glinda-WattsCathy is like having the uber girlfriend with the smart business chops. She’s not afraid to venture into your personal life if she thinks that it is interfering with your business goals and she’s even less afraid about bringing it to your attention.

I recommend her without reservation- she has kept me busy from Day 1 of our relationship and I have no doubt that she is as committed to my success as I am.

Halfway into the year, my revenue has already far exceeded my expectations and I am delighted with my results. Also I now have a solid plan to continue moving forward in my business that I could never have done on my own. Cathy rocks!
Glinda Watts, Certified Herbalist, Memphis Tennessee

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